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  • Paperwork is a Pain Mobilizing it can be Easy

    Capturx software can instantly automate your paperwork with tablets, handhelds or digital pens.

  • Real-time Data from the field: faster workflows and less risk

    Data sent from the field, integrated into your systems and workflows without complex software or re-entering data.

  • Flexible: digital pens or tablets, Create your own forms with Excel

    You pick the form and the device, Capturx sends the data into your back-end system.

  • Better Mission Command & Faster C4ISR Data Capture

    Written, spoken, and sketched data on tablets and paper become digital reports and standard symbols on maps.

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Capturx Overview

After over 16 years in business, we regret to inform you that Adapx, Inc. makers of Capturx software is ceasing its operations, effective immediately.

We are proud of the relationships that we have forged with all of our customers and the value that Capturx technology has brought to the lives of people around the world in concert with our partners and resellers.

If your desire for digital writing technology grows, you may wish to contact the following respected partners:

·        Note-taking technology with similar form and function as our Capturx note-taking product for OneNote: Livescribe.

·        Respected software and sales engineers with years of expertise in digital writing technology: Field Data Integrators.

Ken A. Schneider, CEO and Dr. David R. McGee, CTO

Nov. 1, 2015

Capturx Software from Adapx speeds data capture and collaboration by turning natural speech, sketch, and handwriting into actionable data in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, CRM, ERP, GIS, C2, C4ISR systems and many other back-end systems. By simply speaking and writing, teams get instant access to structured data collected on paper, touchscreens, mobile devices, and wall displays. A range of enterprises and agencies speed workflows and reduce risk by using Capturx to bypass data transcription from paper and cumbersome keyboard- and menu-driven interfaces. Adapx has strategic relationships with Microsoft, ESRI, In-Q-Tel, and works with standard digital pen technology from Anoto.

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