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Capturx for SharePoint

SharePoint Mobile Form Solution for Field Data Collection

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Capturx is an easy and flexible mobile form solution. Field teams instantly capture and share data collected on paper, tablets, and PCs. Non-technical teams can quickly automate data collection on forms using familiar Office experiences, such as Excel for forms design and SharePoint for data management. Managers can build efficiency, speed, and data security into their business processes by applying a lifecycle approach to each form.

Capturx for SharePoint is a Web-accessible solution that integrates tablet data with the data collected on paper with digital pens. Capturx immediately integrates the tablet and pen data back into SharePoint and can be easily deployed on existing SharePoint servers for complete integration into other backend systems.

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Capturx for SharePoint Automates Inspection Paperwork
Teams eliminate data-entry time and costs, complete inspection reports faster, and reduce risks from compliance gaps and poor operational visibility.

  • Teams can use existing inspection forms designed in Excel or simply layout new ones using standard Excel formats such as check boxes, word lists, dates, times, currencies, and many others.
  • Forms are printed from SharePoint on plain paper using many common printers.

As inspections are completed, all the data is instantly recorded by the digital pen. Teams can track the actual date, time, and author of each entry – and even the location from where it was sent – to validate data and meet compliance requirements.

  • The handwriting for each form can be viewed in SharePoint or automatically placed into PDF files.
  • Capturx also uses advanced character recognition to make the data available for analysis, workflow automation, or use in other applications.

Capturx for SharePoint Server Helps Teams Automate Field Service Paperwork
Field Service Teams eliminate data entry time and costs, complete service calls faster, and get paid faster. All the data written on paper service-request forms, work-order forms, and time sheets is instantly recorded by the digital pen. It captures, date, time, structured data and signatures.

  • Teams can instantly send the requests and work orders back to main offices for faster servicing, parts ordering and invoicing.
  • Highly mobile field teams get the convenience, reliability and ease of writing on paper without the delay, costs, and risks of sending, scanning, transcribing or misplacing paper.

Recommended that users add 2 additional cores and 2GB of additional RAM to install Capturx. Also recommended to identify how much additional disk space is needed based on forms/usage requirements. Refer to Microsoft for additional requirements in setting up servers for SharePoint deployments.