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Release Notes: Capturx Foms for Excel 1.2.1

Welcome to Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.1 software! Written for customers and partners, this document addresses issues that are not discussed in the User Guide. This document may be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

Supported Versions of Capturx Software
Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.1 is compatible with the Capturx Pen Manager 3.3.2 (or later), Capturx Mobile for BlackBerry 1.6 (or later), Capturx for SharePoint 1.6.1 (or later) and Capturx Forms Service 1.6.1 (or later). Earlier versions are not supported.

If your organization is currently under an Adapx Software Assurance agreement, you qualify for a complimentary upgrade. To upgrade the software, go into Excel and click on Capturx > Help > Check For Updates.

If your organization is not covered by an Adapx Software Assurance agreement, please contact your Adapx Sales representative for more details.

Installation and Uninstallation
Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.1 can be installed over a previous version.  There is no need to uninstall first.  Exception: If you have Capturx SharePoint Publisher installed, you will need to uninstall it before installing Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.1.   
We recommend that you upgrade all the computers in your organization at the same time.

Upgrading forms (Excel workbooks)
After you install Capturx Forms for Excel version 1.2.1, you can start creating and using new forms.  
If you open a form which was designed using a pre 1.2 version of Capturx for Excel, you will be prompted to upgrade the form for use with version 1.2.x. . If you choose “OK”, the form will be upgraded and can no longer be opened in version 1.1.x. If you cancel, the file will be unchanged but the Capturx features will be disabled. You can upgrade at a later time using the “Enable Form” button on the Capturx ribbon.
Best practice is to save a copy of your version 1.1.x workbooks, as backup, before upgrading them to 1.2.1.

Once a form (workbook) is upgraded, it can only be used with Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.x. Because of this, it is best to have all computers in your organization upgraded to version 1.2.x at the same time.

Note: For workbooks with a lot of stored ink, this process may take several minutes.  

You may still have an inventory of paper forms which were printed from an older version of Capturx.  These printouts are compatible with the Excel form workbook which has been upgraded to version 1.2.1. There is no reason to throw them out.

New Features and Enhancements in Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.1
In addition to the new features and enhancements which were released with version 1.2 (highlights below), Capturx Forms for Excel version 1.2.1 includes bug fixes related to checkboxes, the Capturx ribbon, and making text corrections via the Excel user interface.

  • Faster Performance while using Excel, designing forms, and importing digital ink.
  • Send to Phone tick box can be added during form design – no need for BlackBerry users to carry a separate Capturx Mobile card.
  • Alphanumeric Format to improve handwriting recognition in cells expected to only contain letters and numbers (no spaces or symbols).
  • Improved Capturx Ribbon with buttons for the most commonly-used formats.
  • Integrated Publisher for Capturx Server Solutions – no separate software to install for designing & publishing forms to Capturx Forms Service and Capturx for SharePoint.
  • Longer Custom Expressions – the maximum size of this Capturx format has been increased from 100 characters to 4096 characters.
  • Capturx Excel Functions allow you to write Excel macros that read information about Capturx ink.

Known Issues: General

Can't install as XP limited user
Similar to Capturx Forms for Excel 1.1.x and 1.2, you must have administrator permission to install Capturx on a Windows XP computer.

No fill down/across – use copy and paste
You cannot use the Excel Fill Down (or across) feature to extend Capturx formatting. Fill down is usually triggered by dragging the tiny square in the lower right corner of the selected cells. Instead, you can select one or more formatted cell and copy and paste to a larger selection. Do not attempt to copy and paste when in Capturx highlight mode (unless you use the keyboard to select the cells rather than the mouse.)

Virtual machines and remote desktops
Printing or publishing from Capturx is not recommended when you are connected via remote desktop or running in a virtual machine. Images may be scaled incorrectly. In particular, Send to Phone and the Eraser may not function correctly.

Ribbon doesn't update in highlight mode
When in highlight mode, the format of the current selection is not reflected on the ribbon.

Check for update results may be in background
After selecting “Check For Updates” in the Capturx Help menu, the status dialog may be hidden behind other Windows. Use Alt-Tab or equivalent to switch to the dialog.

Error importing to file with the same name
If a different workbook with the same name as the target workbook is already open in Excel, ink import will fail. Close the non-target workbook before importing ink.

Excel issues with files containing large forms
When you have designed a form which is more than 50 pages long, it is recommended to close and re-open Excel after printing the form.  If you do not, there could be Excel memory and formatting issues when you upload ink.

New blank pages
Depending upon the editing history of your workbook, there may be additional blank pages printed by Capturx. If this occurs, delete the extra rows or explicitly set the print area in Excel.

Known Issues: Upgrading 1.1.x Forms to 1.2.x Forms

Worksheet naming − skips template number after upgrade
After upgrading a workbook, the next ink import (from a 1.2.x printout) will create a worksheet with a name that has skipped a number. For example: Sheet1-{1} to Sheet1-{3}.  This will only happen once, and then the numbering will continue as normal.

Locale issues for upgrade
Workbooks should be upgraded on a computer set to the same locale as when the form was originally created. If not, then the currency format will be lost and must be re-selected.

Upgrade from Capturx Forms for Excel 1.0
Workbooks created in version 1.0 may not completely upgrade to 1.2.x. After upgrade, please check all Capturx formats, especially wordlists and text+terms.

External lists
Version 1.2.x does not support referencing named ranges in other workbooks for wordlists or Text + Terms. If you are upgrading a form which references an external list, you will be presented with an error and will need to redesign that aspect of the form.

Text+Terms with multiple named ranges
Version 1.2.x does not allow you to specify multiple named ranges for Text+Terms. Instead, you can create a single name range containing all of the expected terms.

If you upgrade a 1.1.x workbook which has Text+Terms with multiple named ranges, 1.2.x will automatically create a named range which will include the cells in all the referenced 1.1 named ranges.

Time delay during upgrade of large or complex workbooks
There will be a time delay wile upgrading 1.1 workbooks which contain large, complex forms and/or many imported forms.

Known Issues: Capturx Forms Service/Capturx for SharePoint

Form upgrade may not complete when form is opened from Capturx Forms Service/Capturx for SharePoint
When opening a 1.1 form from a Capturx server (using the Export Form Template command), the upgrade to 1.2.x may not complete. Choose the “Enable Form” button to complete the form upgrade.

Form template may not publish correctly if Excel form is in highlight mode
When publishing a form template to a server, turn-off Capturx highlight mode before clicking the Capturx Publish button.

Known Issues: Advanced (custom macros and programming)

Uninstall Capturx Forms UDF/SDK 1.1 before installing Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.x
Starting with version 1.2, Capturx Excel Functions are integrated in the installation of the main software.
If you have installed the SDK for version 1.1, you must uninstall it before installing Capturx Forms for Excel 1.2.x.  

Capturx Excel Functions: no cross worksheet refs
The Capturx Excel Functions will not accept cross-sheet references. If this is needed, reference a cell on the same sheet which in turn references the other sheet.

Capturx Excel Functions: InkPen functions only return info about a single pen
The Capturx Excel Functions InkPenId() and InkPenName() only return information about a single pen, even if called on a range of cells.

Reporting Bugs
Found a bug? Please send the detailed bug information via the online Support form:

Thank you for using Capturx Forms for Excel and for taking the time to send us your feedback!

Last updated: 2011-10-07

Products affected:
Capturx Forms for Excel