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Capturx Software - How It Works

Adapx is the leader in mobile data capture software enabling mobile workers to instantly digitize and share handwritten and spoken data using tablets, handhelds, and digital pens.

Capturx Mobile Forms with Tablets

With Capturx, form templates are simply created in Excel and then are available for data collection on tablets. Tablet users enter data and upload completed forms when they have network connectivity. The data from the submitted forms is available in standard formats for easy integration or use in SharePoint.  To learn more, visit Capturx Forms Service or Capturx for SharePoint.

Capturx Software with Digital Pens

Capturx software enables paper forms, designs, maps, and notebooks to be filled out or marked up with a digital pen, which digitizes the handwriting and integrates the data directly into Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and leading GIS and CAD systems. Capturx works with standard technologies to speed up data collection without requiring expensive equipment, training, IT involvement, or changes to existing business processes.

With Capturx, SharePoint forms, Excel forms, maps, CAD drawings, and notebooks are printed with a special digital watermark using office printers on ordinary paper. The digital watermark is readable by digital pens, and is unique to each application and file. Printed forms are filled out in ink using a digital pen, which consists of a processor, sensor, and memory. As the pen writes, the handwriting is digitized and stored on the pen. When the pen is docked to a PC, Capturx integrates the data directly into the original SharePoint, Microsoft Office, PDF, or ArcGIS sources. To learn more about digital pens, visit the Capturx Digital Pen page.