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Video Demos

Capturx for Maximo enables users to reduce operational costs, risk, and complexity by automating field operations paperwork.    » View video
Capturx improves operational visibility using digital pens that capture and integrate handwritten data into a range of back-ends including EMC...    » View video
Learn how Adapx and Open Text work with Microsoft platforms to create compelling document management solutions.    » View video
Software that enables teams to automate their paper-based workflows with a digital pen that integrates form data into MS SharePoint Server.    » View video
Learn how Capturx Software and digital pens records and integrates handwritten data into back-end systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM for real-time...    » View video
Learn how notes taken with digital pens automatically record and integrate handwriting into Microsoft OneNote    » View video
Capturx Markup for PDF helps mobile teams accelerate collaboration. Handwritten markups instantly integrate into digital source PDF files for...    » View video
Capturx helps emergency management teams quickly share handwritten data with commanders and emergency operation centers.    » View video
Capturx helps engineering firms automatically digitize forms and redlines as they write with digital pens, streamlining inspections, and improving...    » View video
Learn how Capturx helps DOT teams process field inspection data faster, spending more time finishing projects and less on data re-entry.    » View video
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