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Video Demos

Watch a 3-minute video from the 2007 User Conference demonstrating Capturx for ArcGIS Desktop.    » View video
See an informative video showing how Capturx equipped and improved the restoration of a local park in the City of Nashua, on Earth Day.    » View video
Learn how to instantly share data collected on paper using Capturx digital pens with Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry devices.    » View video
Capturx for command and control help warfighters and emergency responders quickly collect and share critical data from the field using simple pen,...    » View video
Phil Cohen PhD, Discusses Natural Interfaces in the Field at a Microsoft Research Forum, as well as, Adapx's Software strategy to develop a...    » View video
Software that enables teams to automate their paper-based form data and share that structured data with multiple team members.    » View video
Software that enables a digital pen to capture hand written red lines on paper maps and import them directly into ESRI's ArcGIS 9.3.    » View video
Learn how to automate facility operations data by digitizing paper paper form data and integrating it into Office, CAD and GIS.    » View video
Advanced Simulators with Speech & Sketch Interfaces    » View video
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